Craving a healthy dessert and a good nap? Say less! We got you covered! We got the perfect smoothie blend to satisfy those taste buds and put you in a food coma! Let’s make a Blueberry cheesecake relax smoothie!

  • • A couple handfuls of spinach(optional)
  • •1 c frozen blueberries
  • •2 T cream cheese (Your brand Preference)
  • •5.3 oz. container vanilla or plain Greek yogurt
  • •1/4 c almond milk (add more at the end if its too thick)
  • •pinch salt
  • •3-5 ice cubes
  • •Honey or sweetener, to taste
  • •Optional crushed graham crackers for garnish

Blend components in a blender, pour into your favorite bowl. Arrange toppings to your liking.
Now, RELAX. You deserve it.