It's time to replace your pre-workout with an N Wellness: All Natural Awake Energy Shot.

Here's 5 reasons why the AWAKE Shot is the perfect addition to your workout routine:

1. Our AWAKE shots are superfood based.  The AWAKE Shot is powered by curcumin, ginger root, green coffee extract, and citrus blends. No artificial stuff.

2. Great for your daily dose of vitamin intake. This unique vitamin C blend makes sure you strengthen your immunity along with your energy boost, so you don't need to skip any gym days due to a weak immune system.

3. Has no crash, because everything is all natural with no chemicals, unlike other synthetic pre-workout/energy products on the market.  Ever get a headache after your pre-workout wears off? Time to make the switch!

4. Easy to store in your gym bag because they have a sustainable shelf life up to one year.  No clumping in your pantry! 

5. Lastly they are just better for your mind and body! Your body will thank you long term for choosing a healthier supplement!